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Vhils Exhibition: Stone invitation


This is just a fragment of the piece. The art remains on the wall.

To invite the media and the VIP’s to the inauguration of the Vhils exhibition, we colected the rubble that fell from the latest great intervention of the artist on a massive facade of an abandoned building in Lisbon. Each invitation had a selected stone, that fell from the wall, parceled in a transparent bag with a QR Code that linked to a video that showed the viewer the whole procces that led the stone to the bag they where holding.


Advertising Agency:Mstf Partners, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Directors:Susana Sequeira, Lourenço Thomáz
Art Director:Orlando Goncalves
Copywriter:Cristina Amorim
Creative Director Design:André Sentieiro
Creative Director Web Design:Gil Correia
Account Executive:Paula Cardoso
Producer:Pedro Domingos
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